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Spring Woodland Activities in Derbyshire

Look out Spring’s very nearly here!! Just as we think it’s arrived, the snow reminds us that it hasn’t finished with us yet but even so the signs are springing to life before our eyes every time we set foot in the Teamplay Woods. We’re busy creating natural habitats to attract animals, and generally tidying up the stream to help it flow freely. So far this year we’ve planted some willow to help dry out certain areas and create a cool story-time den for our primary schools and forest schools days out. We’re also building some bridges and paths to improve accessibility and adventure, and to protect the plants within.

On an environmental note, according to scientist Dr Phillimore at the University of Edinburgh, the signs of spring are appearing earlier in woodlands because of temperature rises in the past decades. They predict climate change will alter the order in which different trees start to grow leaves, with long term implications to the survival of woodland plants. Warmer Autumns are also having the opposite effect on some species. Oaks who normally leaf later may soon overtake trees such as hawthorn and silver birch that leaf traditionally earlier. As plants compete for light, some of them may be adversely affected.

Why not come to our woodland this spring and be nature detectives yourselves? Identifying trees and plants, and spotting the signs of spring is fun and educational. Help us to record what order things are coming through so we can monitor our own woodland environment.  Look out for woodland activity days and Educational days too.

“Thank you so much for our day out and the activities/games that you organised for us. All of us really got something positive out of the day and enjoyed ourselves immensely.”
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