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Archery Activities For Schools

Let Teamplay Outdoor Activities bring our excellent activity to you. We provide on-site archery activities for both Primary and Secondary Schools. During the day we run four sessions with each one lasting an hour. Archery is a great activity to help improve motor skills and concentration. Also a fantastic tool for numeracy and history. We believe it is a great activity for learning outside the classroom.

Our archery packages start from £300 for a full day of activity. For this, you will get 4 sessions with up to 16 children per session. It is also suitable for all ages from Reception upwards. For some small schools, we can give the whole school the opportunity of this great outdoor activity in a day.

Archery activities for schools is a great activity to fit into the National Curriculum as it dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Also links in very well with the Vikings and Normans.

You will achieve a great sense of satisfaction when the arrow hits the target. Also, it is accessible to people of all abilities. Our instructors have many years of experience and will have everyone hitting the target within a few goes.

Please feel free to contact Teamplay Outdoor Activities for further information. Why not have a look at the other activities we provide on-site for schools.

Woodland Bathing in Derbyshire

You have all heard of sunbathing on the beach or in the back garden. Well woodland bathing takes place (yes you have guessed it) in the woods. It is just a great way to chill and relax in a natural surrounding by absorbing the sounds and smell of the woodland and relieving yourself of stress and reconnect with nature. The beauty of woodland bathing is it can be done anywhere and it doesn’t have to be confined to woodland. It is all about stress relief and escaping everyday life something we all need from time to time.

Either just lie down on the ground or if you have a hammock string it up between two trees. Look up into the canopy of the trees and watch the clouds drift on by, it won’t be long before you have totally switched off and experience total relaxation. It’s amazing how this heightens your senses enabling you to hear and smell things you would have usually missed.

Woodland bathing also involves immersing yourself in the environment you find yourself in. This could also mean taking part in an activity such as sitting around a campfire and cooking a simple meal or just watching the dancing flames. We often find with a lot of our customers they love to combine this with an activity where they get the best of both worlds. It’s great for families because they all get to enjoy an activity and then the adults can enjoy relaxing in the hammocks while the children explore and build dens.

It really doesn’t matter where you are find a tranquil spot and take in the surrounding environment. A great way to boost your mental health and well-being.

Hen Parties

Our hen parties offer a great experience in Derbyshire and the Peak District. We have a great choice of activities so check out the hen parties section on the site today. In 2016 our most popular activities for hen parties have been the Treasure Hunt in Matlock Bath, Team Challenge and Archery in the woodland. The Treasure Hunt offers you a great chance to let your hair down and its great for all abilities and the Team Challenge offers a great experience for the more energetic or not so energetic as you dictate the pace depending how you feel on the day. This year the Archery has proved very popular with hen parties as an add on activity to the Team Challenge to make a full day of it. You can even cook a BBQ lunch on open fires in the woodland. Whatever you requirements get in touch and we will help you create a great day of activities.

Educational Topics -Dinosaurs

An excellent day spent at Kirk Ireton School helping them link in their educational topic on dinosaurs with an outdoor based element. The children were all very enthusiastic and excited when we arrived and they put everything in to the challenges and activities we had set up for them. Their knowledge of dinosaurs was excellent and they were all a credit to their school, well done to the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Using the outdoors is a great way to finish off an educational topic and whatever the topic we will always find an outdoor solution.

Call the office today for more information on 07545590236.

Easter Egg hunts Derbyshire

Have you got a birthday party to organise over the Easter holidays?  Why not try a woodland Easter Egg hunt in Derbyshire.  Spend a couple of hours playing in the woods, building dens, hunting for eggs, toasting marshmallows and playing in the stream?  A Great outdoor activity for any aged child.  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, just a fun afternoon out.  Contact us to see what else you could do with Teamplay Outdoor Activities in Derbyshire and make the most of the Easter holidays.

Kids Parties Derbyshire – try caving!

Caving is a great birthday party for kids.  Its unique,  scary and an epic adventure.  Unlike other outdoor activities, its not weather dependant, so for those winter babies who struggle to enjoy outdoor parties, caving is definitely the answer.   A caving party suits up to 10 people from 6 years upwards. We try to use Matlock area so you can always finish up afterwards in the many eating places in Matlock Bath a great way to end an excellent day. Call today on 07545590236 to book your birthday adventure.

Hen Party Woodland Archery

Hens chilled out last weekend in our 9 acre woodland site whilst undertaking a series of outdoor activities from Slack lining, Archery and Bushcraft.  The girls  set up a camp, built their fire and cooked their own dinner with the help of their guides and of course mum!  In between chilling out and enjoying the tranquillity of being at one with nature they also embarked on some peter pan elements of shooting arrows at targets throughout the woodland and slack lining between trees. One hen said it was “the best day out, when can we come back again?”.  Whenever you want!  Just book a woodland chillout and we’ll personalise it to what you want to do.  Glad you had fun.

Teacher’s farewell teambuilding abseil

Some might think throwing yourself off a viaduct is an extreme way of getting out of the world of teaching but for the wonderful teachers and staff of a local Derbyshire Primary school abseiling off the Millers Dale bridge was a completely appropriate way to say thank you and farewell to their Headteacher who has brought a great sense of adventure and outdoor pursuits to many schools in Derby and Derbyshire throughout her teaching career.  A great evening was spent as each of the 12 ladies challenged themselves to take the plunge and landed with beaming smiles!  The youngest abseiler was even too young to remember the event as he/she has not yet been born.  It just shows that there’s no stopping some teachers!  Well done ladies and Good Luck for all the future outdoor pursuits!

Treasure Hunt Matlock Bath Derbyshire

The hunt is on in Matlock Bath. This highly entertaining and competitive challenge. We provide clue sheets, maps and challenges plus free drink for the winning team. Can also be personalised to your group or occasion.

Ultimate Team Challenge

Physically and mentally challenging the faint hearted need not apply. A rigorous course set over 5km of rough terrain whilst also carrying the team barrel. A well earned reward for all taking part. “The ultimate challenge is one of the hardest yet funniest things I have done. Superb location and great group activity”.

“Thank you so much for our day out and the activities/games that you organised for us. All of us really got something positive out of the day and enjoyed ourselves immensely.”
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