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Outdoor Learning Activities

Outdoor Learning Activities in Derbyshire, provided by Teamplay Outdoor Activities.

Inspiring Young Minds

Our sessions are designed to help develop children into strong confident individuals by giving them the tools to help in everyday life.  Children need to work out how to stand on their own two feet and using resources such as woodland activities, team building and adventurous outdoor activities in challenging natural environments it helps to teach them about their surroundings and gives them the chance to explore their own capabilities.

Our time spent working with schools & education establishments is some of the most rewarding work we do, as we pride ourselves on our innovative ways to engage children in learning outside the classroom.  We have a private woodland in Derbyshire which is an asset to school groups wanting to explore and immerse themselves in nature.

Let us come to you with our range of on-site teambuilding activities which are a fabulous way to get active with small or large groups of children and make sporting budgets work for you. This can also include archery sessions and from only £120 per instructor which we believe is excellent value for money.


On-site – Let us come to you. £120 per instructor.  An instructor can work with up to a maximum of 15 children at any one time. Over a full day, one instructor could work with 60 children over four one hour sessions working out around £2.00 per child.

Off-site – The cost for these sessions are from £120 per instructor at our woodland site.  An instructor can work with up to a maximum of 10 children.

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