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Terms and Conditions

These apply to everyone who is booked onto a Teamplay Outdoor Activities course / event. If you are booking on behalf of a third party you accept responsibility for their compliance with our terms and conditions.


  1. Teamplay Outdoor Activities fees are exempt from VAT.
  2. Only when Teamplay Outdoor Activities receive a completed booking form and full payment or £150 non- refundable deposit will they accept the booking as confirmed. If the start date for the course is within 4 weeks then full payment is required with the return of the booking form.
  3. The balance of the fee is due 4 weeks prior to the course start date. If the balance is not paid Teamplay Outdoor Activities will consider the client has decided to cancel the course and will have the right to sell the course dates to another party.
  4. Additional fees may be added to include transport, entrance charges or accommodation if Teamplay Outdoor Activities are required to organise this on behalf of the client.


Cancellation by Client

  1. All cancellations must be in writing. If via email this must also be followed by a telephone call for verbal confirmation as well, email alone is not accepted.
  2. If Teamplay Outdoor Activities are able to re-sell the course date the client will be notified and will be granted a full refund less the non-returnable deposit, any costs already incurred for the course and an administration charge of £35.
  3. All refunds will only be paid by Teamplay Outdoor Activities once the booked course date has passed.
  4. If Teamplay Outdoor Activities are unable to re-sell the course date then the client will be charged 75% of the total course fee and an administration charge of £35.
  5. Teamplay Outdoor Activities do not offer refunds to individuals booked on to a course or event within 4 weeks of the course or event date.


Cancellation by Teamplay Outdoor Activities

  1. Teamplay Outdoor Activities will not be held responsible for cancelling a course where we believe there is a risk on health and safety grounds or legal enforcements beyond their control (moorland closure, foot and mouth etc..,).
  2. Teamplay Outdoor Activities have the right to cancel a course when the number of participants falls below the original number agreed on the booking form.
  3. In the event of cancellation clients will be offered either a full refund of the course fees already paid or another course on suitable dates to all parties.
  4. Course participants are advised to take out cancellation insurance.


Safety & Participation Statement

The activities could potentially cause personal injury. By booking a course to take part in these activities you are aware of and accept these risks and will be responsible for your own actions and involvement. A Teamplay Outdoor Activities group leader will lead these activities and maintain a high level of safety throughout the activities. They also have the authority to remove anyone they deem irresponsible to carry on with the activity. This may lead to the whole group being unable to carry on with the activity as well. To enable us to manage these risks you agree to acknowledge the need for responsible behaviour and that the group leader’s word is final on all matters of safety. You confirm that you are familiar with the nature of the activities that you wish to undertake and acknowledge their inherent risks and that you may freely withdraw from any activity and there is no pressure to take part. The consent forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Teamplay Outdoor Activities office seven days prior to the event as we cannot allow anyone to take part without a signed consent form.


Insurance and Loss

Teamplay Outdoor Activities does not insure participants against personal injury that is not caused by its own negligence or that of its employee’s or voluntary helpers. Teamplay Outdoor Activities does not provide personal accident, cancellation or third party liability insurance. We recommend you take out the relevant insurance to cover the above. We also accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or vehicles.