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Off-Site Activities from Teamplay Outdoor Activities.

Choose from a number of Off-Site activities including

Bushcraft and Woodland pursuits

Bushcraft and Woodland Pursuits have a whole page dedicated to them because there is no end to the adventure you can have from building shelters, creating ‘clans’ and settlements, top following the stream and identifying aspects of nature. Visit our woodland page to find out more.

Orienteering is a great individual and team event with ever-increasing popularity. Derbyshire has a number of orienteering sites so teaching kids how to map read and orientate themselves is not only a great life skill but opens doors for them to engage in a different sport.

Archery is an excellent activity to help build confidence and a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. This activity takes place in our woodland and can be combined with the other woodland activities we offer.

Teamplay outdoor activities Derbyshire - Archery Teamplay Outdoor Activities Derbyshire - Orienteering

“All of our party can’t thank Andy enough for what he did for all of us individually and as a group. What a lovely friendly guy and he helped our great hen weekend into an even greater one.” Clair and the hens
Clair and the Hens