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Helping Children Back To School

From September we are offering to all schools our programme of tailored on site activities to promote growth mindset, positive play and re kindle lost social skills which will give children a greater sense of achievement and support their return to independant problem-solving, learning and improved mental and physical health.

Over the last 30 years we have aquired a wealth of experience in supporting vulnerable children to regain trust, independance and courage. Recognising the demands recent isolation has put on our young people, the activities will help children to process experiences and support them to regain physical and mental well being as well as creating a unity amongst peers and improving communication skills.

Call today fro more information as to how we can help at this vital time as all programmes are tailor made to your particular needs. We are offering the courses for £110 per day which will include an instructor who will be able to work with up to 4 groups 12 throughout the day.

“All of our party can’t thank Andy enough for what he did for all of us individually and as a group. What a lovely friendly guy and he helped our great hen weekend into an even greater one.” Clair and the hens
Clair and the Hens