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Forest Schools Education

Team Bonding Activities Derbyshire - Education Woodland Adventures
Forest Schools Education with Teamplay Outdoor Activities.

Woodland Adventure Packages – A true forest school environment

Our woodland adventures are designed to ignite the imagination of children, expose them to the countryside’s natural beauty and learn about aspects of nature and geography as they track badgers, spot woodpeckers or follow a natural stream.

Our 9 acres of tranquil private natural woodland in the heart of Derbyshire provides a forest school learning resource for all schools in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire.  Forest school workshops or woodland adventures offer a plethora of learning possibilities from spotting wildlife to stream walking and from woodland crafts to shelter building and outdoor cooking.  Situated in a peaceful and untouched area it is also quite magical.

Many schools are embracing the forest schools philosophy of outdoor learning and the benefits of free learning in an outdoor forest or woodland environment.  We can offer that exact environment, with experienced staff, to primary and secondary schools for regular sessions or one-off activities.  This gives all schools the chance to adopt a forest school approach to learning as part of their outdoor education curriculum even if they don’t have a woodland nearby.

The possibilities are endless for age groups from primary to further education, so we’ve had a few ideas for you

Let’s go on a Bear Hunt

Let’s wade through the swishy swashy stream, stumble trip through the trees and squelch into the boggy mud, foraging for clues of animals that live in the woods.  Along the way you might see some of bear’s woodland friends and hidden in locations the friendly bear may also have left you some clues and facts about himself.  This lovely woodland bear hunt follows the story whilst taking in the sights and smells of the natural habitat of wild animals.  Children are encouraged to bring along their own teddy bears and have a teddy bear’s picnic.

Is there Room on the Broom?

A wonderfully, witchy treat that sees the woodland through the eyes of Julia Donaldson’s story.  Look hard and you may find her hat, her bow or even some of her friends; frog, cat, dog or bird.  As we arrive at a central point within the woodland we will prepare to make our own magnificent broom, Concoct some witchy potions and listen to stories.  This fabulously entertaining journey through the woodland really brings the story to life and unleashes the creativity of young children to use what they can find in the woods to create something magical.

Weirdly, Wonderful Woodland Witchcraft

A scavenger hunt through the woodland, wading through streams, clambering over trees and hunting for signs of bats, owls and other woodland creatures.  Den building, making natural jewellery or creating a piece of woodland art may be one of the activities we do as well as creating potions and poetry inspired by our surroundings.

Back to Nature

A guided walk throughout the 9 acre woodland provides you with the most informative Geography and Biology session as you discover plants and trees, see unusual birds nesting and see first-hand how meandering water carves out its own path.  There are some fascinating finds that change all year round giving you endless possibilities to study the changing seasons too.  Many activities are available and can be discussed at the time of booking.

Woodland Assault Course

Rather than simply rambling through the wood, you could make it a little more of a physical challenge as we have designed, let’s say, a more ‘difficult route’ that involves some more climbing, balancing and maybe the odd height challenge or wet experience.  Great fun and possibly more Peter Pan than Iron Man!

Woodland Archery

A fantastic way of learning the sport of Archery in a natural setting.  As you wander through the woodland you spot targets, aim and fire.  All Archery is conducted with qualified instructors but this woodland environment makes it a much more memorable outdoor adventure.

Woodland Activities also available

  • Woodcraft
  • Jewellery making
  • Den building
  • Wild Art
  • Stream Scrambling
  • Pond dipping
  • Tree Spotting & Bark rubbing
  • Outdoor cooking
Team Bonding Activities Derbyshire - Education Woodland Adventures Team Bonding Activities Derbyshire - Education Woodland Adventures Educate with nature stick man hide and seek Teamplay outdoor activities derbyshire - Bushcraft nursery woodland fun

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