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Archery Activities For Schools

Let Teamplay Outdoor Activities bring our excellent activity to you. We provide on-site archery activities for both Primary and Secondary Schools. During the day we run four sessions with each one lasting an hour. Archery is a great activity to help improve motor skills and concentration. Also a fantastic tool for numeracy and history. We believe it is a great activity for learning outside the classroom.

Our archery packages start from £300 for a full day of activity. For this, you will get 4 sessions with up to 16 children per session. It is also suitable for all ages from Reception upwards. For some small schools, we can give the whole school the opportunity of this great outdoor activity in a day.

Archery activities for schools is a great activity to fit into the National Curriculum as it dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Also links in very well with the Vikings and Normans.

You will achieve a great sense of satisfaction when the arrow hits the target. Also, it is accessible to people of all abilities. Our instructors have many years of experience and will have everyone hitting the target within a few goes.

Please feel free to contact Teamplay Outdoor Activities for further information. Why not have a look at the other activities we provide on-site for schools.

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