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Winter Micro Adventures

Now the days are getting shorter what better time to go on a winter micro adventure in our private woodland in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside. Cook your lunch on an open fire after having a go at our woodland archery or one of our other woodland adventures, there is so much to choose from. Woodlands are such a great place to spend a winters day.

Adventurous Outdoor Activities for Schools

In addition to managing  Teamplay outdoor activities, Andy is now the newly appointed Deputy Centre Manager of Dukes Barn, a Leading Outdoor Activity Centre in Derbyshire.  Having spent the past 17 years working with this centre he is well placed to and experienced to manage these complementary businesses.   As a result we can maximise the experiences schools receive as they will now benefit from  Dukes Barn and Teamplay facilities.  To make a school enquiry for outdoor activities contact us via Teamplay or  Dukes Barn

Micro Adventures

Now that spring is here its a great time for a micro adventure. If you haven’t got time for a full day then with the lighter evenings you can fit in a micro adventure. All our activities are now on offer in the evenings especially in the woodland with all the sounds and smells of Spring, theres nothing like finishing the day sat around an open fire toasting marshmallows. Call today to see which micro adventure is right for you.

Archery for Schools

Outdoor Activities in Derbyshire are taking their archery sessions into schools and with prices from only £175 per day this offers excellent value for money. Archery is an excellent activity for children as it helps them discover new skills and improves hand to eye coordination. Our supervised sessions enable us to coach the children who in turn can coach each other helping to develop leadership skills. Archery is also excellent tool for mental maths as we tailor our sessions to suit all needs. We provide all the equipment so please call today for more information, remember we come to you so there are no extras or hidden costs.

Spring Woodland Activities in Derbyshire

Look out Spring’s very nearly here!! Just as we think it’s arrived, the snow reminds us that it hasn’t finished with us yet but even so the signs are springing to life before our eyes every time we set foot in the Teamplay Woods. We’re busy creating natural habitats to attract animals, and generally tidying up the stream to help it flow freely. So far this year we’ve planted some willow to help dry out certain areas and create a cool story-time den for our primary schools and forest schools days out. We’re also building some bridges and paths to improve accessibility and adventure, and to protect the plants within.

On an environmental note, according to scientist Dr Phillimore at the University of Edinburgh, the signs of spring are appearing earlier in woodlands because of temperature rises in the past decades. They predict climate change will alter the order in which different trees start to grow leaves, with long term implications to the survival of woodland plants. Warmer Autumns are also having the opposite effect on some species. Oaks who normally leaf later may soon overtake trees such as hawthorn and silver birch that leaf traditionally earlier. As plants compete for light, some of them may be adversely affected.

Why not come to our woodland this spring and be nature detectives yourselves? Identifying trees and plants, and spotting the signs of spring is fun and educational. Help us to record what order things are coming through so we can monitor our own woodland environment.  Look out for woodland activity days and Educational days too.

Peak District Orienteering and Navigation Winter Courses

Teamplay are offering a range of orienteering and navigation winter courses for children, families and adults to enjoy, one of which is the National Navigation Award Scheme.  Organise to come as a family or an individual on one of several tailored courses that will enable you to work through various levels of orienteering, map reading and navigation skills.  Using  the beautiful backdrop of Derbyshire in the Peak District to navigate, the NNAS and YNAS scheme is designed to give you confidence in map reading to navigate any unknown territory.    Courses range from beginner to advanced and are suitable for all ages.  Various course dates are available throughout the winter, call us on 07545 590236 to find out more.  If you want to know more about the NNAS National Navigation Award Scheme then visit  We are a recognised provider of this scheme and conduct it throughout the Peak District.  GPS and Sat navs serve a purpose but  navigation  skills stay with you for life.

Orienteering and navigation peak district orienteering and navigation dovedale

Family Woodland Adventures

Children love nothing more than a day in the woods, playing hide and seek among the trees, toasting marshmallows on the fire and building shelters.  Last weekend two families with kids were doing just that, enjoying the crisp Autumn weather and discovering just how many things a child (and a grown up child) can get up to in the woods!  Each person went off for his or her own adventure, be it building a damn on the stream, shooting soft arrows at targets or creating a woodland slide or shelter and then came together to experiment with cooking successes and failures, bushcraft skills and rigging up hammocks – again some successes and some less successful!!  The day could have gone on and on.  Bringing it to an end was the only disappointment…even burnt food was simply put down to a ‘learning experience’.  The benefits of adventures like these are immeasurable.  “Watching children of all ages practising balancing, problem solving, orienteering themselves, and using their creativity is never ending and very satisfying”.  What’s more – you’re never too old!

GHA Livigunn Team Challenge

As the GHA Livigunn challenge 2014 came to conquer the Peak District, Teamplay delivered day 2 of the gruelling event that covered over 10km of terrain, including running, cycling, abseiling and stream scrambling.   It was a beautiful crisp Autumn day as the 11 teams set off on day 2 of their bi-annual event.   The challenge was to complete the course in the fastest time with a number of physical challenges that each team had to undergo.  The most important thing was that over £18,000 was raised to be divided between some very worthy charities: the British Heart Foundation, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Christies Hospital.  Congratulations to all the teams for their valiant efforts.

If anyone else out there wants to do a charitable event such as the GHA Livigunn challenge then call us on 07545590236.  It’s great fun and a hefty challenge for even the fittest of people.

Derbyshire Schools know how to Teamplay

As the academic year draws to an end we’ve had some great fun with Derbyshire schools Outdoor Education. Some highlights include putting 300 children through teambuilding challenges in Chesterfield.  The school kindly invited us back to celebrate their healthy living week with on-site teambuilding challenges that tested every child from Reception through to year 6.  The children were brilliant to work with and everyone displayed great character and teamwork whilst being challenged to think laterally and work together.

We’ve also enjoyed ourselves teaching navigation and map-reading with many other Derbyshire schools and have been pleased to award the YNAS (Young Navigators Award Scheme) to several groups of Juniors, enthusing them to go out and discover what’s out there in a safe and educated way.

Teamplay have been delivering some great outdoor activities to many school children with our challenging programmes and look forward to continuing this next year.  So to all the schools in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, have a great summer holiday and we look forward to teaching you some fabulous outdoor education in the Autumn term.

Learning Outside

“Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge Holder”

Another great opportunity for learning outside the classroom is the Young Navigator Award Scheme which is a nationally recognised (by the British Orienteering Federation) scheme that takes children through their bronze, silver and gold awards.  Children of all ages and abilities can learn new skills that build their confidence, give them the knowledge to enjoy the great outdoors safely and make visible progress.  The scheme is a perfect fit with the national curriculum and is a great sporty alternative.  Book now for courses starting in September and receive a 10% discount. Quote YNAS10 when booking.

All new in 2014

Welcome to our brand new website…with so many new photos and new activity packages to share with you, it only seemed right we should brighten up our website and make it more user friendly.  Look out for this season’s new outdoor activity packages designed for the stag, hen and corporate parties but really great for anyone wanting a physically demanding group challenge set in stunning countryside.  You can choose from the Ultimate mission or Dambuster challenge, both of which are full days of gruelling adventure that takes the ultimate challenge to another level.   For more light-hearted and less physically demanding fun, try our new treasure hunt that will have you overcoming various team obstacles and tongue-in-cheek challenges…all in the name of laughter!  Just three new packages to add to the full range of outdoor activities available.  We hope you’ll enjoy the season

“Our instructors (Adam, Sam & Leon) were brilliant throughout the day, we felt safe, sufficiently challenged and they had a cracking sense of humour.” Ben
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