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Family Woodland Adventures

Children love nothing more than a day in the woods, playing hide and seek among the trees, toasting marshmallows on the fire and building shelters.  Last weekend two families with kids were doing just that, enjoying the crisp Autumn weather and discovering just how many things a child (and a grown up child) can get up to in the woods!  Each person went off for his or her own adventure, be it building a damn on the stream, shooting soft arrows at targets or creating a woodland slide or shelter and then came together to experiment with cooking successes and failures, bushcraft skills and rigging up hammocks – again some successes and some less successful!!  The day could have gone on and on.  Bringing it to an end was the only disappointment…even burnt food was simply put down to a ‘learning experience’.  The benefits of adventures like these are immeasurable.  “Watching children of all ages practising balancing, problem solving, orienteering themselves, and using their creativity is never ending and very satisfying”.  What’s more – you’re never too old!

“Ultimate Challenge, amazing group activity, one of the hardest yet funniest things I’ve ever done. Great stag weekend thanks Andy, Colin and Andie.”
Great Stag
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